Your Boudoir Session



A typical boudoir photography session lasts two to three hours.  We need that time for all the outfit and background changes.  We sometimes need to touch up the makeup and hair too.


1. Hair, makeup, and nails.

These are the most important things.  Before you arrive for your session, please have them

complete.  Having them professionally done is best. Makeup should be shine free and heavier

than normal.  False eyelashes are a must.  Red lipstick and nails are also great.  And a spray

tan can make your skin look great.  


2. Outfits.

I have lots of sexy outfits in a variety of sizes.  However, it is good to bring some of your

own lingerie.  That way it is more personal.  It's good to have a choice on what looks best.

Important things to remember to bring along for your boudoir photos are:

     Heels, black for sure

     Push up black bra and panties (more than just a thong) 

     Fishnet stockings

I have a few of these items too.


3.  Props.

I have a variety of props, but it's good to bring any sports equipment or clothing that your guy is into or fun hats, etc.  The more things we have, the more diverse your boudoir album will be.



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